Blind Spot

Oh Steph, why can’t you see what everyone else who knows you sees so clearly?

“I don’t know,” was my initial frustrated thought. “Probably because I know the inner workings of my mind.” But I didn’t say that part out loud.

My dear friend/adopted mom/pastor/mentor Cathy and I were discussing leadership, specifically my coming year of volunteering with CCX. I made the mistake of mentioning the inner turmoil I have over knowing that I will be up in front of large groups of people and seen as a leader. I didn’t expect Cathy’s response but it has been on replay in my mind for a couple of weeks.

Does everyone else really see it so clearly? Why? How? What am I missing?

I don’t have answers and the questions still plague me. I do know that for years people have been trying to get me to take on leadership roles and I have no issues declining.

Maybe I have wrong ideas about leadership. Maybe I’m lazy. Maybe the responsibility scares me. Probably all of these and more.

Maybe I need to accept the invitation and stop trying to tell the Creator how I am created and work. Something tells me He is far wiser than I am.


If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more,
you are a leader.
John Quincy Adams

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