To Sleep Per Chance to Dream

Today I took a nap. One of those glorious fall afternoon naps with the sounds of college football being emitted from the television and just enough coolness in the air to warrant snuggling under a blanket.

Maybe it is just because it eludes me so often, but I find sleep to be interesting.

Have you ever considered all the things you could accomplish if you didn’t have to sleep? I have. Those ideas usually come while I am laying in bed staring at the ceiling or counting sheep. I am certain if sleep wasn’t necessary I could have solved a multitude of the world’s problems by now or at least be a master artist or some other awe inspiring thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to sleep… especially to dream. Friends who have to endure stories of my vivid dreams usually gain the benefits of lots of laughter. For example when I dreamed I was a giant, walking mozzarella stick or the time I dreamed I was swimming in tomato soup and was chased by a cow made of crumbled crackers.

Of course I have also been shot at, pushed off buildings, chased down by mob members, jumped on and off moving trains and a host of other things in the dream world. Let’s just say watching the movie Inception this summer was kind of like watching my own dream world displayed on a movie screen. It was interesting.

But this afternoon no one chased me down and I didn’t morph into anything odd, instead I just drifted peacefully off to sleep for a couple of hours. . .

and it was nice.

I highly recommend you enjoy a relaxing, afternoon nap sometime soon.

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