Overflowing Cupboards

There are times when having someone, who knows absolutely nothing about you, pray over you is a God send. Today was one of those.

My alarm went off bright and early. Fumbling around with my eyes still closed I found the source and the snooze button simultaneously. Coming around to consciousness I realized that yesterday’s headache decided it wanted to party today too and I briefly considered texting Tonya to say I was going to be a no show and then retreat back under my warm comforter.

Deciding that was giving the enemy too much enjoyment I forced myself out of bed. Of course there was no time to make coffee, which this morning translated into my going the wrong way down the interstate.

Fast forward to the service though and worship was one of those times when the presence of God is so thick you can hardly stand it. The man who spoke had just returned from ministering in Australia and had some powerful testimonies to share of how God is moving there (which made me once more really want to go to Australia… ahhhh one day!!). Toward the end of service the leadership came around and prayed for everyone.

There were several things spoken over me that resonated within my spirit, knowing that these people know nothing about me. There was one that almost undid me though.

“God has seen the times you have done without. He has seen that you are willing to give it all up. He knows you are willing to do without, but you are His daughter in whom He is well pleased and you don’t need to lack. He sees your willingness and He loves your willingness but He is about to fill the cupboards. Oh and it is going to be filled with your favorite things, not other people’s favorite things, but yours. Get ready because God is about to pour out favor in a way that you have never experienced.”

That’s it… I was in tears. Just this morning I had debated if I wanted breakfast, knowing that if I ate breakfast I wouldn’t have money for lunch. My phone has been silent pertaining to getting a job and, honestly, I have been fighting quite the battle with discouragement.

I have also been pondering this idea of lack. Debt destroys in so many ways and I have seen it all my life. It angers me to see how the enemy has stolen from my family. It frustrates me to know that I have my own looming cloud of debt that is always pressing at the edges of my mind. It baffles me to try and figure out what to do about it.

I’m not saying someone is going to come along and pay my way out and life will be a field of sunflowers (though I definitely wouldn’t turn it away). But it gave me another reassurance that God knows and God cares and even though I have no answers right now… He does.

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