Knowing I had to make it to Gainesville for the Stirred Conference Thursday, I knew I had to tackle at least one of my problems head on. Since driving home from Training Camp a week ago and discovering a couple of foreign objects in one of my front tires, I had been desperately avoiding dealing with the situation. Living here I don’t have my trusted mechanic to call and when it comes to my vehicle I am a big baby.

In other words, it messes up and I fall apart.

So after lots of crying and anxiousness the time came to get it fixed. Around halfway through my shower I suddenly came to a, “What the heck? I am a daughter of the King. I will not be anxious about this. You are my Good Father and You know my need. You are my provider and You are going to take care of this” moment. And done.

I left the house with renewed confidence (along with donning a skirt, fixed hair and makeup – more than willing to pull the helpless girl card!). Pulling out of the house I simply said, “Ok God where am I going?” To which I heard, “Go to Buford.” Ok, simple (and logical) enough. Approaching one of the stoplights I sensed I should turn right. Ok, no problem. Driving along I find none other than Discount Tire. That will work!

After having to wait (a bit nervously) for about 15 minutes one of the workers, Mike, asked how he could help. I briefly explained the chunk of metal in my tire, my need to get to NC where my dad has new tires waiting and my desire for them to either patch it or put on my spare so I can accomplish #2.

He responded with, “Now you don’t want to put on your spare tire.”

To which I responded, “Well you don’t understand. I have the money to get home and that’s about it so I don’t really have options here.”

“Well if you were my girl I would not want you driving that far on a spare so I tell you what I’m going to do better than that. I’m going to get you a loaner tire,” Mike replied.

In my head I thought, “Oh boy… how much is this going to cost me?!” So I asked.

As we walked inside and he handed me a cold bottle of water and I asked the important question shouting in my head.

“So… ummm… can you tell me how much this will cost? Just an estimate?” I tentatively tossed out.

“Nothing but your time,” he said.

I’m sorry… what was that?!

He grinned, “Just have a seat in the corner and relax and we will fix you up.”

Returning several minutes later he took down my information, cleared out the fees and sent me on my way wishing me a safe journey home.

But first I gave him a really big hug.

Then I heard God whisper, “See baby girl, I know your needs and I have you in the palm of my hand.”

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