A couple of days past 29

29 by Pablo Zarate
Graphic by Pablo Zarate

It is hard to believe that Tuesday marked the beginning of the end of my twenties. Part of me bemoans this reality, ducking quickly down aisles to avoid previous classmate encounters that will inevitably produce questioning about my present state of singleness and lack of financial security. Let’s face it single and support raising is NOT what I pictured in my mind a decade ago.

Bemoaning aside, 29 is looking to possibly be the most interesting, craziest, and fulfilling ride of my life thus far for several reasons:

  • The only child in me gets to indulge in board game and card games on a weekly basis.
  • Learning Russian… and trying to pull it off with my southern accent.
  • Babushkas (grandmas) always make life interesting.
  • Random guys, usually drunk, hitting on me in a language I don’t yet speak and possibly with an albino rat perched upon a shoulder.
  • Finally getting to participate in winter activities (if the shock from the initial blast of cold air doesn’t kill me first).
  • Learning to be a leader.
  • Hot tea and cookies is an everyday event
  • Chocolate that is so much better than here in the States
  • Spending an entire year hanging out with university students and building relationships!

Yes… 29 is guaranteed to be a wild, wonderful year.

But I need your help (and honestly I selfishly want you along for the journey). You have no idea how encouraging your comments are, how essential you are to others coming to know Christ, how needed your prayers are, and then there is the simple fact that you speak the same language I do and most likely come from my culture and therefore may understand me just a bit.

I have my ticket back and am waiting on my invitation letter for my visa, but I still need to raise $1,150 a month to cover all the expenses of life for the coming year.

Fun fact: If 38 people committed to giving $29 a month for the next 12 months my budget would be covered for 2011.

Of course any support of any size is welcomed and appreciated greatly. Please consider supporting me either with a one time gift or monthly. Click here for more info.

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