Memory Lane Opens at Lunch

First grade was a long time ago for me (even longer for some of you!). Those were the days when I was a young, proud Coopers bulldog, attending school in the same building as my parents and grandparents. I still remember the noisy radiators, the mural on the cafeteria wall and the day I was tackled on the playground with a kiss that I neither asked for nor wanted.

So imagine my surprise when walking into Western Sizzlin for lunch I see my first grade teacher, Ms. Strickland. She looks the same as twenty years ago just with (in her words) “a few more wrinkles.” It was also nice to discover that two decades later she remembers me. Not to brag but back then I was adorably cute, never in trouble and always two steps ahead in my work.

I found out during our brief chat that she retired in 2008 after teaching at Coopers Elementary School for 30 years. She was always one of my favorites and it was so nice to give a hug and have a few moments.

Sitting down to resume lunch I began to name all of my teachers from my years at Coopers and took an extended trip down memory lane (dragging mom and dad with me).  I find it funny the things I remember from childhood, especially when I consider that last week is already lost to my memory.

I had a lot of tough, inspiring, always saw the best in me teachers over the years. I’m so thankful for them.

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