Why Should I? Why Should You?

Rising unemployment, the pressures of holiday wish lists, unaffordable health insurance and let’s not forget airport security. It seems our list of issues to be upset over, stressed out about and annoyed with are never ending.

Little girl from tent city
Photo by me, Edited by Kim Daniels

In light of these and others we quickly throw thankfulness out the window, consumed instead with fear, anger, worry and stress. Why should I be thankful? Why should you?Count me as, admittedly, the number one offender of being unthankful.

Then I started remembering people I’ve met around the world, conditions millions live in daily, and the joy they have. This spring working in Haiti after the earthquake I met countless Haitian Christians who had lost their families, their homes and yet they praised God. Less than two months before the one year anniversary of one of the deadliest recorded natural disasters, Haitians struggle daily to obtain clean water, food, shelter and much needed medical assistance.

Selfishly it reminds me to be thankful the abundance that I have. However I am also thankful for the time I was able to spend with my joyful, resilient, amazing Haitian brothers and sisters this spring. I am thankful for people like my World Race teammate, Teri Gunnink, who is serving as a school principal in Haiti and is following a God given dream to serve the orphans of Haiti. I am thankful for organizations like Adventures in Missions that not only send missionaries to assist, but have a broader vision and are connecting churches in America with churches in Haiti to bring spiritual and physical support.


I’m no longer in Haiti but am fluttering by to Ukraine to volunteer with university students. I need to raise $1,150 a month for the next 12 months. If you would like to support my ministry there, please click here for more information.