A Look Back

One by one over the course of an evening and morning I hugged the 51 people who had become my family. When the time came I boarded my final flight of the year and headed home after eleven months circumnavigating the globe, living in community and seeing God’s kingdom come to earth. Tears rolled down my face as I walked through the terminal to my plane, a small turbo-prop with the smallest rows I had seen in my life. For the first time in almost a year I was alone, even to my dismay assigned to the one seat row.

A year ago. Really?

A lot has happened in a year for someone who expected to come home and “settle down a bit”. I miss my World Race family immensely: the laughter, the accountability, the chaos and the challenges.

Below are the links to some of my favorite posts from last year (and looking through them now I realize just how many stories I didn’t write about…) :

Hands of the Faithful” – Talgo, a faithful prayer warrior, and how God used me to speak to her.

Cambodian Cuisine” -  The best and worst of my food fun in Cambodia.

Abundant Butterflies” – The beautiful winged creatures abound in Thailand but there is also another “butterfly” that brings destruction and pain on these streets.

The Lighter Side: Sleeping in Paradise” – An early morning surprise that bid me to arise.

My Little Joy” – A precious little boy I would take home in an instant!

I Have Fallen in Love” – The country that stole my heart.

Sometimes 2009 seems like a dream and it some ways it was… a dream realized. For everyone who supported in any way (prayer, financially, words of encouragement, kicks in the butt) THANK YOU! God used me to reach people around the world but He also used it to awaken other dreams in my own life.

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