Some Things Never Change

Time taught us it was safer to go ahead and separate ourselves, together we would certainly find trouble. We filled our plates to overflowing and sat to enjoy home-cooked goodness with the span of two tables keeping us apart.

I gazed down the length of the tables and smiled. She stuck out her tongue. Being mature and sweet, as always, I returned the gesture and then yelled, “Mooooommm!! Becca is picking on me again.”

I’m certain Becca rolled her eyes. I was always the tattler.

To my dismay mom’s answer wasn’t what I wanted to hear this time.

“Tough! You are an adult now. You can handle it.”

So began Thanksgiving night with the Smith family. I laughed until I cried, ate until I needed to be rolled out, and then chased the kids (and found myself quite sore the next morning).

It was a night to be remembered that ended with enough camera flashes that you would have thought the paparazzi had arrived… and in a few weeks we get to do it all over again!


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