FlutteringBy to Shutterfly for Christmas Cards

While I love making my own cards and I love giving people cards, I am horrible at actually sending out Christmas cards (or birthday cards… or thank you cards… etc.). In fact about the only thing I am good at is those random “Thinking of You” cards. I blame it on lack of money for postage, forgetting to go by the post office and I don’t know what happened to my address book but I’m certain it is long out of date.

This year I am starting small. I am challenging myself to at least give out 50 Christmas cards. Real ones. Not e-cards because those I have down to a science.

Helping me with my little challenge is Shutterfly. They have an amazing selection of Christmas photo cards and Christmas Invitations (for the party people).   If you are really on top of things, they even have New Year’s Invitations. They also have a promotion happening right now where if you are a blogger you can sign up and receive 50 cards free!

So what are you waiting for…. Christmas is just around the corner!

I think this one is my favorite…

Every Good Gift Card

But I’m still unsure.