A Radical Witness: Vika’s Story

Below is a feature story from our most recent CCX newsletter. Vika is a friend of mine and a precious young woman of God who I look forward to spending more time with once I return.

My name is Victoria. I am a graduate of Kyiv Linguistic University. When I was a sophomore, my friend invited me to the CCX English Club that was held in my university. I really liked it there because people were so friendly and welcoming. When summer was approaching, they invited me to the CCX English camp. During the entire camp, I was quite reserved and didn’t want to hear anything about God. But thanks to my wonderful small group leaders who were open and vulnerable during our Bible studies and discussion groups, my attitude began to change. As a result of camp, I became a Christian and began attending a church.

My lifestyle has changed completely and I grew up in my faith. It was a radical witness to my family and my fellow students when I refused to go night clubs in order to get drunk. Instead, I decided to praise and serve God. In my church, I joined the Teen Challenge team – the ministry dedicated to rescuing people with various addictions. This ministry is important to me because I have an alcoholic father. I am an outreach leader in this ministry, leading outreaches to homeless people and drug addicts.

When I look back, I see how powerfully my life has been changed by God through CCX-Ukraine and through my believing friends. I am so thankful that CCX-Ukraine exists!


Vika is one of many whose lives have been touched through the ministry of CCX in Ukraine. Here is just one of many reasons why I am volunteering. Would you be part of reaching out to other students like Vika? Click Here.