I Understand Frosty the Snowman

Ukraine snowman
My snowman has a heart for Ukraine but he needs your help to return before he melts

Two weeks and counting.

Warm clothing and weatherproof shoes are procured.

A foot of snow over the Christmas weekend (coupled with the other snows of December – how odd!!!) have ensured that I can in fact live in wintry conditions and possibly enjoy it part of the time.

But there is still something amiss. Frosty sums up my current feelings well in Frosty Returns:

Upset? “Upset” is waking up and finding out somebody forgot to give you a belly button. “Upset” is finding out somebody stole your nose to play fooseball! This ain’t “upset”, kid! This is PANIC!

I’m trying to not be, but I’m kind of there. Why?

I leave in 14 days and while I have a ticket, I have responsibilities, I have fur-lined boots and I have Cuddle Duds… I don’t have support.

Currently I have about $200 a month pledged in support, that doesn’t even get you a rented room or food and it is just a wee bit too cold to sleep in the streets (plus there are scary people in the city… like guys who have rats on their shoulders and try to pick up girls.) I need at least around $500 more a month when you add in food, transportation, communication, insurance, and those pesky unforeseen costs.

I’ve racked my brain for genius ideas and I’m fresh out EXCEPT knowing that many people seem to enjoy my photos I thought maybe an incentive would help.

So here’s my thought:

Up to $24 a month: receive a free 8 x 10 print (Photos are posted here)

$25 – $49 a month: receive a 2.75″ x 3.875″ mini book with 24 pages of photos

$50+ a month: receive a photo collage ceramic mug

All the photos will be from my time in Ukraine as a reminder to pray for the students in Ukraine (and I don’t mind a few prayers as well). Will you consider giving?

Tax deductible gifts may be mailed to:

Ekklesia International
70 Lee St
Royston, GA 30662
Memo: Ukraine

If you don’t care about taxes, you can give through PayPal by clicking here.