On the Lighter Side: Monumental Happenings

Two monumental things occurred yesterday.

One, some friends managed to surprise me. It really is harder than it should be because I have a tendency to either:
a) walk in at the wrong time and spoil the surprise or
b) wander off and totally miss the surprise (World Race birthday – I’m still sorry about that one!!)

So it was a pleasant shock when Dasha popped her head in the meeting room (aka my current sleeping quarters) and asked for my help. I replied as I had all afternoon with a “Nah I don’t think so” as I stood up to follow, half expecting to be dragging out or digging through more boxes in search of needed items for next weeks winter camp.

Opening the door to the library room (I’m sure it has some other name) I was greeted with darkness, except it was completely. A faint glow filtered through the room as I came face to face with half a dozen familiar friendly faces holding a “Welcome Steph” sign and holding sparklers. This was, of course, followed by hugs, greetings, food and Uno.

Which leads to monumental moment #2: I FINALLY WON A GAME OF UKRAINIAN UNO!!!!!!

I may be too excited about this one, but I dare you to give this version of Uno a try. It is somewhat controlled mass chaos and requires speed, concentration and luck (non of which I usually possess in large quantities).

Don’t believe me? Try it!

For Ukrainian Uno Play:
Per normal rules players each begin with 7 cards and the first card on the draw pile is turned over to begin play.
You still play same color or number, but there are several twists.

0: When a zero card is played everyone passes their entire hand of cards to the person next to them in order of play

4: When a four is played everyone must be silent until another number is played. If you talk you have to draw a card. If you have Uno during this time you knock on the table to signal

7: When a seven is played everyone slaps the card (dangerous if you play with people that have fingernails). If you are the last to slap, draw a card

+4 and +2 cards: If I lay down a draw card and you have a draw card in your hand, just add it and the next person has to draw (so +2 +2 = 4 cards) or if they have a draw card they can add it… it just keeps piling up until some unfortunate soul has no draw cards and has to add up all the draw cards and add that many cards to his/her deck

And if you aren’t confused enough at this point add in the rule that if you lay down a card (say a blue 5) and it isn’t my turn but I also have that card (in this case a blue 5), I can play my card if I can get it down on the pile before the next player puts down a card. So in that way you can play out of turn and it gets a bit crazy trying to figure out who goes next when things are moving fast.

Oh and don’t forget the winner’s prize: that person gets to reshuffle the deck for the next game. It’s almost like you shouldn’t even want to win.