I Cannot Forget

Several times in the past few days my thoughts have wondered back across the Atlantic to the nation of Haiti. I still remember well the shattering news of January 12th’s devastating earthquake. As we sat in the middle of Project Searchlight in Gainesville, Georgia all of our previous concerns with determining our long term goals and dreams turned into crying out to God for a broken, suffering nation that we had all invested in a year earlier.

I knew then that I would return, but never would have guessed how, when or what to expect.

Flying into Haiti I had an overwhelming peace that I was where I belonged even as I fought back tears at the sight of splintered, crumbled communities.

There was the day I walked into a sauna-like tarp home and met Evansbord and his family. I felt too small to pray for such an overwhelming need, but prayed anyway. The team became burdened for Evansbord and spent hours interceding for, playing with and loving on him and his family. By the end of the week he was smiling, responding and visibly changed even if he wasn’t up and running.

I remember overlooking the Marassa tent communities after delivering the equivalent of 15,000 meals of rice and beans. The delivery literally took all day as the truck transporting the precious cargo suffered numerous flat tires as we traversed the city. It was a joyous time as the residents unloaded food supplies. Then I realized that all that food, all that money, all that hard work was only enough to feed each person three meals… the equivalent of one day’s food rations and I could stand on a hill and see the entire community with the knowledge that that these communities stretched several hours in either direction.

There was the day I first stepped foot into the Fleury Foundation and fell head over heels in love with a bunch of orphan kiddos and simultaneously outraged at the injustice surrounding their situation.

I watched God multiply food for the hungry, give hope to the hopeless, give God-sized dreams to participants, heard miraculous stories and worshiped alongside some of the most joyful, hungry for God believers that I’ve ever met.

I cannot forget Haiti nor the people no matter how far I travel from its borders.

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