The Life

Honestly I’ve been avoiding my web site knowing that I need to post something. It seems like I have so much to tell until I sit down in front of my computer screen.

This past week was Winter Camp and our theme was 180 degrees: The Life. In small groups we studied the book of Philippians and we worked on learning to be servants and encouraged each other to “Live a life worthy of the Gospel of Christ.” No small task. We had twenty students, not as many as we would like but it gave a familial atmosphere and was small enough people couldn’t escape unnoticed.

There was a lot of laughter and fun, but also a lot of serious discussion. Ukrainian students are very deep thinkers and surface answers don’t cut it here. Throughout the week we had questions like, “So why did God create man?”  “What is redemption?” many, many others and a lot of struggles with being able to be forgiven. The staff heard several, “I know I need Jesus, but I’m just not ready yet” type statements. The bright side is that you know they are listening. For those of us who fear not having the answers that are needed, the fact that you are being listened to can also be frightening 🙂

Personally I’m adjusting. We have a staff conference this coming weekend and soon we will be planning out the semester. Tomorrow I am hopefully going to look at a possible apartment and am hopeful, since I would really like to be settled somewhere.  I am also thankful that I know several people here!

I do, however, admit that James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind” has been on repeat during most marshrutka and metro rides and while the temperature isn’t terrible it is very gloomy and gray most of the time, and I find I am definitely missing the sunlight. I am already looking forward to spring! 🙂

Prayer Requests:

– that we will be able to continue to have opportunities for those tough and necessary conversations with students
– Wednesday we are having a planning meeting for summer camp so feel free to pray for productivity and creativity
– that I find an apartment… that I can afford (the hard part)

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