How Dumbo Prepared Me to Be a Missionary

As a child I was terrified of water in my face (well let’s face it… it still unnerves me). Growing up out in the country with my grandparents meant that bath time was water heated up in a kettle on the stove, poured into a basin and Granny would hand me a washcloth and soap. After a traumatizing day at the pool during summer camp the idea of a shower was forever branded taboo in my mind.

That is where Dumbo comes in.

Walking through a store one night we discovered a Dumbo shower head. The trunk could be removed from the base so basically you could hold it and guarantee (if you’re somewhat coordinated) that you don’t get sprayed in the face with water. It was a life changing invention for little me.

Hop forward twenty or so years and I will tell you that I LOVE relaxing, hot showers. I like having a mounted shower head so I don’t have to worry about switching hands, tangling the cord, spraying the ceiling or whatever other options are potentially available to the clumsy person with a hand held shower head.

Of course here I have a hand-held shower head. It is by no means as cute as Dumbo but as I fumbled to use it yesterday afternoon I was reminded of the time when this was my safety.

I guess I can thank Dumbo for preparing me for life in Ukraine.

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