The Newbie

Photo by Denis Sinelnikov

Last weekend I attended CCX staff conference. It was a great time to get to know other CCX staff and volunteers that serve throughout Ukraine and I was blessed to help with times of worship.

Admittedly at first I felt completely out of place as the newbie who doesn’t speak Russian, but they were welcoming and fun and thankfully sessions were translated into English. Dasha and I encouraged the staff to learn the ninja game we played at winter camp, and we gained a few new enthusiasts.

Most importantly the English staff was able to have some very good conversations throughout the weekend and gain a better understanding of the direction we need to take. Being a bit different from the other CCX groups since we begin with a service (helping students learn English), we have a completely different set of hurdles to conquer. Where the other groups have a hard time getting students to attend, we have a LOT of students. Going from English ministry to discipleship is the hurdle we have been figuring out how to jump over for the past couple of weeks.

We really want to help the students learn English. It isn’t just an “in” for us, it really is something that they can benefit greatly from and having native speakers to hang out with and learn from is a huge opportunity for many students. As a ministry team we are great at serving in this way. We also throw really GREAT parties!

We want to see students discipled as well though. Students we love and care deeply about, we want to see come to Christ and grow in Him. So as a staff we have agreed to commit more time to one-on-one with students, coming to know them better and intentionally pouring into a handful of students. We also want to have a stronger focus on prayer, realizing that our strategies are nothing more than good ideas without the power of God.

Friday night kicked off the beginning of clubs, and I am excited to see what this semester holds. Please keep us in your prayers as we flesh out some new ideas and for wisdom with which students to really pour into with consistent one-on-one discipleship.

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