You Are My Sunshine

I woke up this morning to the unhappy feeling of my stomach doing some Cirque de Soleil moves and a mad dash to the bathroom. Too much information? Maybe, but in light of my crappy day (pun intended) here are my day brightening moments:

1. It was 43 °F today… a hint that spring will actually come.

2. Staying up to watch the Super Bowl with my pastors and a good friend. Kick off was at 1:30 a.m. for us, but sadly I only made it through halftime before I crashed.

3. I learned how to light the stove so I can cook on it.

4. But my favorite moment of the day:

I left a message for a friend in Georgia saying, “Love and miss you. Give hugs to the girls for me” and her response was…

“Stephanie! I love you too! I read this message out loud and Mackenzie came running across the room and held out her arms wide and hugged me…in the middle of the hug I realized the hug wasn’t for me…ha ha ha…it was for you!!!”

Made me so happy I almost cried!

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