During movie club tonight we watched one of my favorite classics, The Princess Bride. During discussion time one of the questions was, “Have you ever had something inconceivable happen to you?”


A few years ago the idea of doing the World Race was inconceivable to me. There was no way I could imagine being able to raise that much support. I could not fathom myself being adventurous enough to survive such a journey. I would also never call myself a good enough Christian to be a missionary. It was all beyond what I could imagine.

Then it happened. It was terrifying. It was exhilarating. It was miraculous. It was more than I could have ever conceived because it wasn’t really my idea. It was God’s. Trust me I spent a great deal of time arguing with Him over the issue.

Now I find myself living in Ukraine. I still feel like the wrong person to be a missionary half the time. I still wonder at how God provides and my less adventurous side prays… A LOT!!

Again I find that even in the middle of living this life it is more than I could imagine… the good, bad and beautiful of it. Why? Because I serve God and His thoughts are much larger than mine ever could be. So while this is all inconceivable to my mind, I rest knowing that God is in control and He is, after all, the hero of the story.

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