a sky full of glitter

A few days ago I walked out of my apartment building into a bitter cold wind, the kind that makes you want to pull the scarf a bit tighter, lower your head, and quickly trudge along. Then I noticed that it seemed the air was filled with glitter. All around me were sparkles. It was a snow so fine that it made everything look magical as the sunlight danced off each tiny speck.

Suddenly the cold didn’t seem as unbearable. The city wasn’t completely gloomy and depressing. I almost certain I even saw someone else smile.

sparkly snow
photo by ekiblog.com


Tonight as I trudged along once more, crunching fresh snow beneath my boots and occasionally slipping on the ice below, I looked around and noticed the sparkle in the fresh snow and was reminded of last week’s magical moment. Once again it made me smile and I forgot how tired I felt, how much I needed to get done, how long it had been since I could feel the tip of my nose.

Amazing how one moment can effect so much.

I’m praying to be aware of more of those moments not just for me but also for others.