Speak Up

It is difficult to believe that it is already March and I feel that there is so much to say that this will probably just be a thought for thought style blog (again). I really miss writing stylized stories, but they take more time than I presently have to give.

The semester is in full swing here in Kyiv and life just keeps becoming busier and busier.

In the past couple of weeks I have led a couple of our English clubs, spoke in front of a first year English class, and I have the privilege of helping lead a class this coming Friday morning as well. Not bad for someone who hates public speaking. One of my responsibilities is to help lead one of our clubs that meets at Schevchenko University.  I think God and my team are determined to get me comfortable with being in front and speaking.

Yesterday was quite the experience as I showed up all alone to lead a class. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this but I am NOT a teacher. I was rather nervous that since they were first year students no one would talk, but I made them laugh and managed to get many of them to speak and ask questions. In a city of about 3 million people it is surprising to the students to hear that I went to school in a town of less than seven hundred (there are probably that many in my apartment complex).


Panorama Shot of Schevchenko English Club
Leading club at Schevchenko University. Photo by Pete Young



It is difficult to think of summer when you still need to wear several layers to walk outside but we are in the middle of planning summer English camp and I am the co-Program Director. Talk about being in over your head! I’m also trying to design the logo and brochure and must admit that my design background seems a long time ago now as I stare at the program and try to recall what tool should be used for the desired effect. It’s taking a little longer than I like to admit.

One of the students from our Winter Camp, Tanya,  has been attending church with us on Sunday mornings since camp. This past week she brought several other student friends along too. Since camp one of the other staff workers had a conversation with her and she has said that she is following Jesus, is studying John and Romans, and is planning to help with a Bible study group that will be started. Praise God!!

I would also like to say that I have a great church family here as well. I am part of the worship team now and God has blessed me with a wonderful Christian community that I already love a lot. This past Sunday I spent the afternoon at my pastor’s home playing games and getting to know some of the other church members.

As for my friends and family back home, thank you all for the continued prayer and support. You are such an encouragement and I hope you know that. I will try to get more pictures and stories up soon so I can share more with you what is happening here.

Love you dearly


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