Celebrating Women

Yesterday was a holiday here in Ukraine. It wasn’t just a holiday though, it was a GREAT holiday. It was the 8th of March, also known as Women’s Day.

If any guys are reading this I’m sure I just got a few eye rolls.

Seriously though it was like people were nicer here yesterday! On Women’s Day all women, youngest to eldest, are celebrated and it is traditional to give flowers and candies and for the men to help with the chores for the day. Like I said, a great holiday! I even had a guy give me a seat on the marshrutka ride home.

Oh and since we had a meeting on Monday (which was also a day off for many) my director, Brian, brought flowers for Dasha and me and my colleague, Doug, brought us a cake!

Some days I don’t mind being a woman! 🙂

It was also good though because it made me think of all the amazing women that God has placed in my life, each one unique and beautiful in her own way. Are there women in your life that you need to let them know how much they mean to you?

Below is a photo of the lovely tulips that are now greeting me from my window sill with the morning sunrise…

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