“One must work and dare if one really wants to live.”

It’s been almost two weeks so I thought… hmmm people should probably hear from again. Yes?

What to say? While I hear wonderful things of spring in America, yesterday I saw snow! So incredibly wrong!! Though tomorrow it is supposed to be in the low 40s and sunny, so I am still holding out hope that spring really does exist here.

Life just seems to keep picking up the pace here and for an introvert like myself finding time alone is almost the same as requesting a miracle. Yes, I have already put in my miracle request this week and am awaiting a reply.

Last week Dasha and I went to the girls dorm again and this time made varenyky (little dumpling with various fillings). Apparently girls bond over cooking, who knew? It was a wonderful evening and potentially the most I have eaten in a single sitting these past two months. We have good relationships with many girls in the dorm and are talking about starting a Bible study on Wednesday evenings there.

If you are curious what my typical week looks like:

Monday: afternoon staff meetings for English ministry or camp planning; evenings, hanging out with students or working on camp planning

Tuesday: day off!!! woohooo! Though I do admit I am normally awake early to meet a good friend at a coffee house and then return in the afternoon to do laundry and all those necessary things that don’t happen any other time of the week.

Wednesday: English club at Schevchenko, which I help Dasha coordinate. Afterwards we go to a local restaurant for tea and to hang out with students. Evenings we have been going to one of the dorms to spend time with students there

Thursday: English clubs at Linguistics, followed by hanging out at a local restaurant with students, and then off to worship practice

Friday: I try to use the mornings to do work, afternoon is hanging out with students, evening is movie club

Saturday: whatever special event we have planned with CCX. This past Saturday we had an art afternoon and I made earrings, this coming Saturday we have the Interpreter’s Seminar. On Saturday evenings I spend with friends to be closer to church (if I stayed at home I’m over an hour away)

Sunday: I have worship practice at 7:30 (Cathy I’m sorry for every time I complained about 8:30) and we have two services so I am in church until around 1:00. Usually I go out with some of the students or friends for lunch and come home to work.

I spend so much time on public transportation that I’m still praying for the ability to read and not get motion sickness!! In general it is about an hour to get anywhere I need to go (except the office is 30 minutes).

Anyway I am calling it a day and going to bed since if the sun comes out as promised tomorrow then it will give me an early wake up call 🙂

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