The “Busy” Drug


So then I end up looking like this lady...

Time management.


The artist in me flails and screams obscenities at being managed.

Then I wake up like I did this morning and think, “Friday already?!?!”

Yesterday in English club we showed a NOOMA video (I know there is quite the debate around Rob Bell, but his NOOMA videos create really good discussion with students which is what we want). The Video is called “Shells” and you can watch it on YouTube HERE.

Did you watch it? Because I’m going to ruin the “punchline” for you if not…

“Being busy is a drug that many people are addicted to.”

Strong words, but  isn’t it true?

Time management is important for students to learn. The university system definitely doesn’t treat your average student well (they even have classes/exams on Saturdays here… crazy system!) I have determined that for the most part students don’t sleep much during their time in university (guess I didn’t either) as they try to squeeze in classes, studies and a social life. There is a lot of stress with being a student and it can make you want to dig a whole and hide out.

But how many of us aren’t students anymore and still don’t manage our time and priorities well?

Me, me, me!!! Guilty as charged!

Bell talks about a time when his family was at the beach. His sons were picking up broken seashells along the shore and floating on the ocean was a big, beautiful starfish. His son excitedly ran into the ocean a ways and then ran back and again and again. Frustrated his family was like “Go get it! It’s yours! What’s wrong?” Finally his son said, “I can’t do it because my hands are filled with shells.”

As a missionary I run around doing a lot of “good” but how do you determine between “good” and “best”? I see hundreds of students a week but the truth is that I cannot pour into and build deep relationships with ALL of them. Some days I find myself holding onto shell shrapnel instead of being able to take hold of something big and important.

I struggle to invest in those that I am present with and maintain relationships back home and around the world, all while taking care of myself. A friend recently tried to give me a back massage and commented, “I don’t think all these knots would get worked out unless Jesus Himself came down and gave you a massage.” Yeah it’s that bad.

So all that to say that in this respect I am right there with my students, trying to learn how to manage time and stress to accomplish not just the good but the best.

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