You are Still a Part of Me.

I find there are bits of my heart scattered all over the world these days. There are people I count near and dear literally spread around the globe. So sometimes I find my mind wandering to them and to their countries.

Today it is Haiti.

Last year I was wrestling through heat induced sleepless nights, while this year I grumble about needing more than one layer of clothing to stay warm. I have found myself  thinking of the precious people I worked among last spring.

How are the people? How are the churches?


Has the world forgotten?

With little effort I can recount several natural disasters in the past year, most recently the earthquake and tsunami that rocked the nation of Japan. Having seen the devastation of a major earthquake first hand, my heart goes out to them.

Japan had a 9.0 followed by a killer tsunami and the final death toll is expected to be around 20,000 deaths.  What astounds me though is knowing that the earthquake that toppled Haiti was a 7.0 and resulted in 316,000 deaths according to the Haitian government.

I recently read that there are still more than a million people living in tents and reconstruction has barely begun more than a year later.

I wonder about how Evansbord and his family are…

I wonder about the Marassa communities…

I wonder about the kids I fell in love with at the Fleury Foundation…

I wonder how our translators and their families are…

You get the point.

I haven’t forgotten Haiti, and I hope that you haven’t either. They still need our prayers. They still need our hands and feet. They still need the hope of Christ.

One of my precious sisters in Christ is helping bring that hope. Teri Gunnink and I were teammates on the World Race in 2009 and God gave her a vision for the children of Haiti during that time. Over the last year she has worked with Adventures in Missions to help bring aid to those effected by the earthquake and then moved to a position in an orphanage. She has recently signed a two year contract with Kids Alive International, an organization that shares the vision God placed on Teri’s heart back in 2009 of raising orphans in family units.

God has truly given Teri a heart for the children of this beautiful country, but she cannot do it alone. She needs to raise $1,500 a month plus $8,750 in one time start up costs to return and fulfill her commitment as a special projects and communication coordinator with Kids Alive International. Please visit here if you are interested in partnering with Teri and the work that God continues to do in the nation of Haiti. If you would like to see her Vision Letter or follow Teri’s blog, please visit her blog!

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