I’m kind of like Carmen Sandiego…

Since graduating college in 2005, I have moved more times than you can count on two hands. I am not sure how many apartments/houses I have called home in Royston, Georgia alone, but I think I have lived with half of my church family. Apparently hopping around the southern region of the United States wasn’t enough so in January 2009 I left and circled the globe

Sometimes I think I should have a theme song… like Carmen Sandiego, except not based on thievery. In fact, I was shocked when I revisited this childhood favorite to discover the first line of the theme song is …

“Well she sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina…”

Hmmm… never knew Carmen and I had so much in common.

I digress…

I have now been in Kiev (Kyiv) for three months. This is officially the longest I have been in one place in more than two years!! Honestly it seems a little odd.

Last week I found myself considering the costs to go to India from Ukraine, and if I could just volunteer to lead a missions trip or something (you know with all my spare time and money – ha!). I thought it seemed a bit of an odd consideration knowing myself, but now I think it makes sense.

Lucky for me since I seem to have the travel itch, I am heading to Krakow, Poland. No I am not moving (well technically I am, but that is for another blog) and no I didn’t just plan a trip for the fun of it. I will be leaving Sunday morning and if everything goes as planned I will drop off my visa application and money on Monday morning and be able to reclaim my passport the next day with a nice, new Ukrainian visa. Then Wednesday morning I will be back on a plane to return to Kyiv.

Please pray for safe travels, that there are no complications getting the visa and all goes smoothly.  Thankfully I have a colleague traveling with me so I do not have to make the trip alone. Another colleague just returned from getting his visa and gave us detailed instructions for finding the embassy and the bank where I will have to pay. We are also hoping to visit Auschwitz on Tuesday, but I guess it will all depend on when I need to pick up my passport from the embassy.

I cannot believe it has already been three months!!!


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