Proud Owner of a барабан

This is what my drum looks like... yep it even has a hat

барабан (pronounced ba-ra-ban) means drum in Russian.

Music draws people and the chance to play around on an instrument seems to be especially appealing when it is a drum. I am not sure what it is about drums but it is like everyone is fascinated by them. Perhaps there is just something inherently fun about being able to bang on something. It can certainly be stress relieving.

After much debate, several years really, it seemed it was time to own my own djembe. I wrestled with this decision quite a bit, knowing finances were already tight and it was not exactly a small purchase, but in the end it seemed worth it.

Since coming to Ukraine three months ago, I have had numerous opportunities to play. ICA (my church here) was gracious enough to buy a church djembe so I could join the worship team and I thought that would end my agony over deciding. However, the same day we gained the new church djembe I had to ask to borrow it for ministry at a student event. Not really a problem except it’s not  fair to the church if they paid for an instrument that I am always taking with me.


... and the case too!

When I found out that the music store the church purchased it from was cheaper (by about $100) than the ones I had been able to find and that the church got a discount there, it made buying one a little easier (though it still hurt!). Amazingly, however, the drum also came with a case, which is very needed here with public transportation.


This past Saturday evening we hosted an International Night at the office. As part of the event we did some worship in English and Russian so my drum came in good use. There is more to it though than just being able to play for events, conferences, etc.

Several of the students have asked if I could possibly show them some basics of how to play. While I in no way consider myself to be a teacher or a professional drummer, I do see the opportunity available here to connect with some of the students. I am happy to say that I gave my first ever “djembe lesson” this evening. Not only was it a lot of fun to see the student’s excitement and a chance to build relationship, but I also was paid… in the form of ice cream!

I am excited by the possibilities that owning a drum opens up and now I  can actually practice and possibly learn how to do some of those complex patterns I have wanted to learn for so long (you know in my infinite spare time).


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