Moving, Moving, ALWAYS Moving!!

Among the happenings of April was an apartment move. On the first of April our landlady called to inform us that her son now has a girl and no longer wants to live with mom and he wanted our apartment, so she was graciously calling to inform us that we had until the end of the month to get out.

One thing is certain in Ukraine and that is as soon as you get accustomed to something it WILL change!

So our landlady’s son came by with an interior designer the next day to take photos and make notes, while my roommates immediately jumped into action to find a place to stay. Thankfully for me, they decided they would keep me.

Long story short, within a week a place was found so while I was away in Poland getting a visa, my roommates moved us into a new home. It is a bit more expensive but is also larger, nicer and closer to the Metro station. Also nice for me is that we are close to a large supermarket, which makes trying to buy food much easier for the non-Russian speaking American (though we are working on my market language). Oh and I am also a ten minute walk from the CCX office!

Below are some photos taken from before we moved in.


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