It Feels Like Home

I have realized over the past few days that Kyiv feels like home. In fact, one of my friends noted recently that I’ve become quite Ukrainian in some ways.

1. If you know me well then you know that I have never been a big fan of bread (except Red Lobster garlic biscuits, which I can eat my weight in). I’ve also never been a huge sandwich lover (except if you count Subway). Imagine my joy in being part of a culture that really enjoys bread… and бутерброды (pronounced: bew-ter-bradt or open-faced sandwiches). However the past couple of weeks I have frequently found myself purchasing a loaf of bread (which costs less than $0.50), some cheese, and meat to make sandwiches with… and enjoyed it!

2. I’ve started posing for photos. I spent years running away from camera lenses pointed in my direction, now I’ve started jumping in the middle of photos or saying “Hey, take a photo of this!”

3. My 15 minute walk to the metro station (and back later) is normal and not a long walk. Consequently one pair of my jeans can be pulled off without even unbuttoning (but don’t worry I always wear a belt).

4. I am starting to understand more Russian. I can’t always say it myself but am starting to recognize more. I have also semi lost my mind and am planning (hopefully) to take a one month Russian intensive course . . .  more on this later.

5. It isn’t uncommon for me to carry тапочки (pronounced: tapochki) when I travel. тапочки are slippers you wear in the home.

6. It also isn’t uncommon for me to carry my own mug, tea, sugar, and spoon on trains because hot water is free.

7. Most days I don’t walk out the door without makeup on. (Say WHAT?!?!) Don’t worry I haven’t started regularly ironing my clothing, though I have started polishing my shoes.

What does this mean?

Well… I’m saving those thoughts for another blog.