The Last Week

This was the last week of English clubs for this semester… and I missed them all.

I was supposed to be playing Apples to Apples, Uno and other games with students.

I was supposed to be interviewing for our summer English camp.

I was supposed to be spending time with the people I love.

Instead, I spent the week on my sofa bed curled up in a ball, well, when I wasn’t curled up on the toilet.

I still don’t know what has captured my intestines this week, but it started Tuesday afternoon and it is now Friday evening and I am still sick. I talked to a recent med school graduate today and she advised me on a few things to pick up from the pharmacy, but also that if anything changed I would need to go to the doctor and have some tests run.

Please pray this passes.
I’m basically trying to stay hydrated and rest, but I’m beyond frustrated and a little more than concerned at the thought of possibly needing to go to the doctor here (I mean, I don’t even like them in the States where I basically trust that they know what they are doing and we speak the same language).

Christmas present idea: I know it’s half a year away but I think the gift of a physical exam would do wonders for my health… it’s been way too long. Just sayin’

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