It’s a bird. It’s a ninja. No, it’s an CCX volunteer in Izmail.

We kicked off this year’s camp registration and interviews with a trip to Izmail where we have a dedicated teacher and a student leader that have started holding English clubs at the Maritime Institute. After an overnight train and four hour van ride, Pete, Dasha and I arrived just in time for a brief rest and lunch before leading English club. We had about a dozen students present and enjoyed a time of games, learning English idioms,”pigging out” with some homemade cake and conducting camp interviews.

During the next two days, we held three mini Interpreter’s Seminars at the Maritime Institute and two more at Izmail University. It was the first time CCX had an invitation into Izmail University, and we loved meeting students there. A lot of the students in both places seemed shy to speak at first, but after some laughter to loosen them up they seemed genuinely excited and interested. These seminars gave many students an opportunity not just to speak to but to interpret for a native speaker, a rare opportunity in Izmail.


To give students a chance to see more than one style of speaking, I turned to storytelling and, apparently, I have a slight flair for the dramatic (who knew?!). A couple of the teachers told me they had never met someone who spoke so passionately, and I know for certain that the students who interpreted for me will NEVER forget their experience!


We also spent time walking through the beautiful streets filled with blooming lilacs and tulips and, of course, we played a lot of Ninja. I enjoyed our days in Izmail, though it seemed they were far too few. I look forward to seeing these students at summer camp and witnessing the great things God will continue to do in this city, and I am praying that I am able to return in the fall semester to visit with them once more.