Drumming to Beat Cancer

Katya and I at DrumStrong
Katya and me at DrumStrong

“The rhythm is in your blood.” – African Proverb

The  sound drifted through the open windows and called to me even as I walked down the street. It was a beautiful noise that could only be created by dozens of drums of varied sizes united under a single cause.

That cause was DrumStrong Ukraine, part of an international movement based out of Charlotte, NC that holds drumming events to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. This year was the first time the event was held in Kyiv and money was raised to bring hope to a little Ukrainian boy who is fighting to beat cancer.

My student friend Katya joined me for the event, which lasted five hours on a Sunday afternoon, and I loved watching her soak in the atmosphere while trying out her new skills from our previous drum lesson.

It was a very exciting afternoon as we connected with others globally for a common cause, and I look forward to taking part next year no matter which country I happen to be in.


DrumStrong Ukraine
Photo taken from DrumStrong Ukraine




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