Tuesdays Will Never Be the Same Again

Thai in the Park Day with Mary
Resting in the park after a full day of excitement
Have you ever had a friend that just understood you?

Someone who knows how to make you laugh in any situation, knows when to offer a shoulder and cry with you, knows when you are thinking something even if you don’t say it?

The kind of friend that is more than a friend, someone that is like family.

I have been blessed in my life to have many close friends. Some of these friends have been part of my life for years (and will remain for years to come I hope) and others are only physically present in my life for a season, but the bond is no less real or strong.

Here in Ukraine Tuesday’s are known in my weekly calendar as “Mary Villa day”. This past semester it was my official day off during the week. Instead of hiding away, it is guaranteed that at some point point during Tuesday, if not all day, I will be hanging out with my friend Mary. She has become my closest friend in this beautiful, foreign land I currently call home.

But Mary flies home to the States on Friday morning, and I’m honestly in tears thinking about it.

She’s an amazing person and I’m so thankful to have her as part of my life. I know it isn’t forever goodbye, but life is sure going to be different without her here.

So please pray for her as she transitions back to life in America and as she discerns God’s will for her in the future.
And, selfishly, pray for me too… it’s not going to be an easy transition on this side either. Thank God for the internet 🙂

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