Wave Goodbye to Worry (Pt 1)

worried pridge
What if... what if... what if...

Summer camp is drawing ever closer. A few people have already started to arrive. The build crew departs for campsite Monday morning and I join them Wednesday to begin our pre-camp with all the volunteers. I’m a little stressed that I have forgotten something, will not finish something or simply will mess up something.

What if… What if… What if… 

To add to the fun, I just received notice in my inbox that Ukraine is changing their visa types in September. From the way it sounds it means another visa run, a higher visa fee, plus the cost of registering in country. I’m more than a little frustrated, and since I am already $4500 short on funds for the year, I must say I am also rather concerned that it may send me home earlier than planned.

What if… What if… What if… 

Does anyone else get tripped up by “what if” thoughts? 

As I scurried about my day, preoccupied with a long list of things to worry about, I was reminded of Matthew 6: 25-34. You know that whole don’t worry about anything ’cause God’s got it all covered passage. It’s a lot easier to “Amen” that passage when you aren’t looking at a budget in need of a miracle or when you aren’t responsible for something huge. It’s a lot easier to say, “Oh God is in control” when you still have a false sense that if he forgets or fails you can still handle the situation. 

So how do we kick our “what if” worries to the curb? 

1. Remember that life is more than your present experience, needs and desires (6:25) 

It is so easy to get caught up in the moment, at least for me it is. My senses become overwhelmed. My emotions get carried away. It is important to remember that this life is so much more than a budget,  a mountain of laundry to be done or good and bad experiences. 

In light of eternity and God’s purpose, my budget and camp plans do not really seem like a crisis any longer. I know God wants to touch student’s lives at camp and He will, regardless of what I may mess up or forget. I also know God called me to Ukraine, and the visa changes haven’t taken Him by surprise. 

A proper perspective kills our worries! 

2. Take some time to sit and notice creation. (6:26, 28-30) 

Regardless of where we reside, we are surrounded by God’s creation everyday. Take a few moments to notice the intricate design of a butterfly or consider that there are approximately 24,000 species of butterflies. Recognize the beautiful colors that God paints the sky with every day. 

Notice how God takes care of His creation and it is easier to remember that if He cares this much for them, He will also take care of you.

This leads into #3….

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