Of Bonfires and Ukraine

Abi and I on July 4th
Thanks Carrie for the July 4th Inspiration... it was a big hit!

Last Monday evening as many of my friends back home were undoubtedly celebrating our nation’s independence with fireworks and BBQ, at camp we had our own little fiery celebration complete with s’mores and campfire songs.

Some of the American staff came together to put on a brief dramatic history lesson with a few patriotic songs, followed by our Canadian friends, and concluding with our Ukrainian family.

Katya and I July 4th
Katya and I are all ready for the celebration

My dear friend Emmanuel, who is a student leader in Vinnitsa and part of my small group, did Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech so powerfully that it would give you chills. One of my other students, Mariana, also helped lead in the singing for the Ukrainian portion. They are both so amazing.

It was a night of great fun and celebration that concluded with the hugest marshmallows I have ever seen in my life, which ended up as gooey goodness and a few sugar highs leading into late night game time.

Below is a brief sound byte from our International bonfire. This is during the Ukrainian portion of the evening. The name of the song is Катюша (Katyusha), you can click here for the lyrics.