Taking Flight

“I dream of flying,” Iryna told me during our first night’s discussion. “I realize I cannot physically fly like a bird, and I cannot afford to fly in an airplane, but I hope that somehow one day I may be able to fly.”

My response was simple, “Who knows, maybe it could happen this week.”

She gave me a quizzical look, but we said nothing else about the subject.

Thursday was our team’s turn at what we named the Portable Pamper Pole, a 4.5 meter (about 14.5 feet) pole that students needed to climb, stand on and then jump from while reaching to catch a flag suspended in the air.

I watched as Iryna climbed and, like most of the participants, stood on trembling legs before her jump. I joined with the rest of our group and cheered her on.

Later in the day I found a note that read, “This camp makes our dreams come true!!! We can fly!!! 🙂 Thank you for being our group leader!”

Yeah you guessed it, I cried a little. (But that isn’t the point….)

Ira catching the flag
Iryna taking flight

This all made me think about dreams a little more. Here are those thoughts. I don’t think it is anything profound, but maybe it’s a good reminder.

  • The opportunity may be right in front of you, but it still requires that you do your part

    I’m 100% certain that Iryna did not expect one of her dreams to come true this past week. Those unexpected moments are fun and exciting for everyone involved.Have you ever had a dream realized in a surprising way? Are you open to being surprised?
  • The opportunity may be right in front of you, but it still requires that you do your part

    Iryna was able to fly in a sense, but she still had to put forth the effort. She had to be willing to trust her teammates and the safety system enough to climb up the pole, to stand, and to jump. This was the part that myself or others could NOT do for her. Seeing any dream realized comes with some kind of cost.Is there an open door to your dream, but you are hesitantly counting the cost? Are you open to the sacrifice?
  •  God may choose to use you to unknowingly help someone else fulfill a dream.

    Myself and the others planning camp had no idea we would be helping someone fulfill a dream. We were just doing our “job” and praying that God would somehow use it for His glory. God certainly works in mysterious ways and He has no obligation to let us in on the fun, but I love it when He does.Do our busy schedules allow for God to show up in surprising ways and work through us? Are you open to being used to help fulfill a dream?

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