Visa Changes Update

ukraine passport stamps
What my passport will look like in the future 🙂

About a month ago all the expatriates here received a notice that the visa laws are changing and will go into effect September 10th. Currently I am here on a religious visa, but under the new system the only visas you available are short term, long term, or transit. From the wording of the letter it sounded as if all current visa types would be null as of September 10th and we would all need to get new visas and register in Ukraine.

This news coming in the midst of camp planning brought me to tears. Already attempting to live on a very small amount each month, I couldn’t help but view the cost of leaving the country, getting a new invitation letter, applying for a new visa AND registering in the country as a threat to send me home early.

Yesterday I was informed that Ukraine has said they will honor current visas until their expiration date!! Praise the LORD!!!!! I have been praying about this since they first sent word of the changes. I have not heard for certain, but expect that I will still need to pay the fees of registration this fall. Regardless I am rejoicing at this favorable news.

Thank you for all your prayers! Please continue to pray for us as we minister in Ukraine.

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