Study Time

Silly me, but I thought life would be less crazy after camp.  It may be officially time for me to agree with my roommates in saying that I have only fooled myself into believing I am an extreme introvert.

Since camp many of my days have been filled with conversations and time with students, one on one, the way I operate best. And all I can say is that I LOVE IT!!

I have NEVER considered myself a teacher or someone who should be leading a Bible study. So when I moved from being the inexperienced co-leader during camp Bible studies to the one who is the veteran I was a bit concerned. However if you didn’t gather from my camp comments, I absolutely fell in love with my small group. More than once I also witnessed God coming to my rescue when confronted with a tough question.

After camp one of the girls (not in my camp small group) asked if we could study together so I am now meeting with her weekly. She has many sincere questions and thankfully has said she feel comfortable discussing how she feels and her struggles with me.  This time with Tanya is becoming one of the highlights to my week and I think it is helping me just as much as it helps her.

Moving forward I ask for your continued prayers. Tanya is an amazing young woman and I am thrilled to see how seriously she is approaching the Word of God and I know God is at work in her life.

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