The invisible barrier got me

Have you ever been skipping through life, smiling, sun shining  and everything glorious  when suddenly you seem to run face first into a huge brick wall? You don’t just hit the wall, but you slam into it and then slide down into a stunned, battered, bloody, whimpering position on the ground.

I’ve had one of those weeks.

The frustrating thing is that I cannot point to any one thing… any certain moment, conversation, event… nothing. Just BAM!! Down and done.

It shouldn’t be one of those weeks. A couple of my closest friends from last summer are here. There have been moments of laughter so hard that it literally hurt and left me struggling to breathe. We enjoyed a relaxing evening in the sauna yesterday and we are celebrating a beautiful wedding tomorrow. Life really is wonderful.

Do you ever step back and look at life and think, “Wow I am so blessed and this life is so amazing, but I just feel empty”?

I’m there.

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