A Surprising Start at Shevchenko

Cross Cultural Club began today at Shevchenko University.

When I met with the Director of the English Department last week she said, “Don’t be discouraged if not a lot of students show up on Wednesday. Usually the first week people are still wandering around and not many show up.”

Then I walked into our room for club today and came face to face with this sight. . .

First day of Shevchenko club 2011_2012 There were over 40 students!!! We almost couldn’t fit in the room we were given!!!

After a mild panic attack (praise God for friends who came to help encourage me the first day!), the day seemed to go well and it was actually a bit difficult to get everyone’s attention and break the news that club was over.

Below is a minute long video Pete put together. I’m also thankful that he had enough wit to take photos because I forgot all about my camera, which may tell you a bit about how nervous I was.

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