Running After Trains and a Night with a Drunk Guy

Have you ever noticed when you commit to something it often seems that everything goes against you actually succeeding?

Recently I talked about focus and perspective. Just last week I said I was going to make an effort to see things as challenges to overcome instead of obstacles that bring me to a place of sitting in the mud.

And then I left for a different city.

As I left my flat Sunday evening I thought, “Oh I have plenty of time to get to the train station.” What I forgot was the fact that all public transportation runs less frequently at night. This is not something you should forget.

So as I stood on the roadside waiting ten minutes for the bus, I began to think “hmm maybe I should have given myself a bit more time, but it’s okay”. Then I waited 9.5 minutes at the first metro station. “Okay this is bad.” Then I waited 8.5 minutes at the interchange station. At this point I had already texted my colleague and said, “Ummm you should start praying I actually make our train.”

I arrived at the train station with about five minutes to get to my platform and onto the car that I needed. Of course when I made it to the platform I was at the opposite end of the train from my bunk and had to run the length of 13 train cars to reach my wagon (with my pack on my back… very reminiscent of my World Race days). I was thankful I made the train but certainly not feeling optimistic at the beginning of my journey.

Finding our compartment we also discovered that one of our bunk mates for the train that evening was a drunk guy, a bit of a rude, didn’t like that we are foreigners, wouldn’t shut up kind of drunk guy. Oh joy…

By 2 a.m. I had finally managed to stop feeling like I was going to be sick from my sprint to the train

By 3 a.m. I was wishing I had actually missed the train as our drunk neighbor proceeded to talk and yell even in his sleep.

By 4 a.m. my Christian love was long exhausted and I was wondering if I had anything I could possibly throw at the guy.

And somewhere around 6 a.m. I had a nose bleed.

Forget finding a good perspective I was exhausted, not feeling well and wishing I had just stayed home.

The week did get better, but honestly I was a bit off my game all week. Previously in Izmail I seemed to just slide into helping with classes and activities with no problem. My goofier, fun, crazy side came out and we had lots of fun. This time I just couldn’t seem to find my stride and felt that much of the week I was floundering more than a fish out of water.

I share just to say that, obviously, I still have to work on my perspective and focus.

Thank God it’s a new week starting tomorrow.

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