What If Monsters

The dreaded “What If” monster. I think we are all familiar with him, yes?

“What if they don’t renew my forbearance on my school loans?”
“What if I get sick?”
“What if I’m home alone and a pipe busts and I cannot speak Russian to tell the lady downstairs the problem?” (okay maybe that one only applies to me…)
“What if…”

Between social network updates, finding icebreakers for group times, tracking down interesting and good media to use with our students, and searching for creative ideas to use it’s easy to see that I spend a lot of time online. This means that I come across a lot of random, sometimes dreadful but sometimes really awesome ideas, people, projects, initiatives, etc.

Recently I came across What If Monsters. Now I do not personally know Michelle Nelson-Schmidt but I do however LOVE her creations. Below is a short video of her reading her children’s book Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster. It isn’t published yet and she is raising money to produce her line of plush monsters. Maybe one of the things I love most about her campaign is that she has said even if she doesn’t raise the money through her current campaign that nothing will stop her from seeing this dream realized. I like people that go after their dreams, so I’m supporting her and thought I’d share her dream with you.

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