a need for change

Sleeping at the Pierquet's
Taking a nap at the Pierquet's

Too often I find that people ask me, “How are you?” and my response is, “Ustala, no adlichna.” (Translation: Tired, but great.) I don’t like this reality, the one that finds me always falling asleep on the metro, cursing the alarm on my phone each morning when it begins its all-too-cheery song, and walking through a fog the rest of the day.

I’m convicted by the fact that we each are given 24 hours a day, and I am not very good at managing those hours.

My “to do” list seems daunting, and it makes my dream list seem completely unattainable. How will I ever reach those things when I barely keep from drowning today?

Recently I had the following conversation with someone older and wiser than I.

“Stephanie what do you want?”
“I don’t know what I want.”
“I think that’s your problem.”


However sitting and considering the question I find the problem is not that I don’t know what I want, the problem is that I know but am clueless how to get there, what to do about it, how to make it reality. And THAT makes me frustrated.

So in the midst of my deadlines, meetings, plannings and parties this week I am working on changing that. I love what I do, but I recognize I’m not getting any younger.

First step… time management. (I’m certain you will hear more about how many times I’ll fall on my face learning this one.)

What do you find is the best way to manage your time and take active steps toward your dreams in the midst of an all too busy life?


(On a side note: I’m not convinced that my constant state of tiredness is completely due to lack of discipline, but I am certain it doesn’t help. I am hoping to get some bloodwork/tests done soon that whole needle business keeps me procrastinating though.)

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