Drumroll Please: Announcing the Future…

fried chicken
Completely unrelated in every way to this post but LOOK MOM I MADE MY FIRST FRIED CHICKEN!!

Red, silver, gold tinsel. Baubles of various size and coloring. And those little metal hanging hooks that always get tangled or spill out and stick in the carpet as you try to gather them back into their plastic home.

It is almost that time of year again.

I had this realization a few days ago when I walked into a local store, noting the above decor and more as I frantically searched for twine or string for our costume party. Thankfully, for me, even though Ukraine doesn’t celebrate Christmas until January, they are already gearing up for the holiday as well.  So I ended up purchasing gold and red tinsel to use for hanging apples. Whatever works, right?

With this realization came another. I have been silent concerning what lies ahead. I did only commit to 2011 in Ukraine and it seems that end is quickly drawing near.

So I guess it’s time to make it known to the world at large that…

I will be home for Christmas. I have a very important birthday date on New Year’s (see, Amy, I haven’t forgotten). And I plan to return to Ukraine January 11th, 2012.

I prayed about it a lot. Support raising is kind of like a form of torture to me, and I never thought I’d say it but some days I really miss my 9 to 5 job. Ukraine has brought it’s fair share of emotional and physical breakdowns to me this year, but in the end my heart is still here and I still feel it is where God has me.

And as I was praying about it someone gave me a check for half the cost of my round trip flight with a note that it was to ensure my return to Ukraine. That alone was enough for me to be like, “Ok guess I got the answer to that prayer.” Check yes.

So, God willing, I will be in the States in December and early January enjoying time with friends and family, willing to speak and share if desired, and looking forward to lots of coffee dates to catch up!! I have so much to share with you!!

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