Baby Steps: Learning to Leap

Ras! Dva! Tri! Wooohoooo!!!

The young adventurer spread his arms taking in the exhilarating moment between solid surfaces.

Well, to be fair, this was his reaction after becoming a seasoned jumper. The first time looks more like:

Ras! (One!)
Assured and full of courage.

Dva. (Two.)
Spoken with a bit more timidity and a lengthy pause.

Tri. (Three.)
Even as he speaks he balances precariously on the edge, his facial expression tattling to the world the inner workings of his mind.

The moment of truth.

The courage rises past the fear.

He leaps.

Leap of Faith by Shampie
Leap of Faith by Shampie, Deviant Art

This little scene made me smile on my way home this evening. It took such courage for him to jump off that first tire, but afterwards he just put a hand out to his father to help him climb atop the next one and without hesitancy he announced to the world his next daring leap.

I’m sure to the little boy those few inches off the ground seemed enormous, at least that first time.

Then I considered how often God asks me to respond and to my fearful heart it is like He has just asked me to walk on water or, worse, dive into the water (I don’t swim.).

He helped me get on top of the tire so there is a little spark of courage, but staring down from my sudden elevation change unnerves me and I teeter on the edge uncertain.

Maybe He just wants me to enjoy the view from up here.

He didn’t really put me up here to jump did He?

Sometimes my courage kicks in and I take my kid sized leap. Other times I burst into tears and declare it’s no fun and I want down… NOW!!

But after the first trust fall step, it usually makes the next one a lot easier, dare I even say fun.

May we learn to trust our Father when He leads us to leap.

Are you facing a leap of faith? Do you hesitate or just go for it? Why?