What Happens When You Show Up Unannounced?

A quick rap on the back door. Confusion. “What are you doing here?” Laughter. Hugs. Tears. More hugs.

This was Monday evening in my household… in North Carolina.

There is something so fun about surprising people. It’s one of the things we love about birthday parties, Christmas, unexpected flowers or small thinking of you gifts. The joy of the surprise.

Most of us enjoy the good surprises (some more than others), but my mom is notorious for accidentally figuring out all surprise plans. Do you know anyone like this?

She happens to see something while cleaning. She happens to walk in at the time when you’re trying to hide or wrap. She picks it up, looks at the size, feels the weight and inevitably declares its contents. AGHHHHHH!!!!

So I set out on a mission to surprise my family for Thanksgiving.

My best friend picked me up at the airport, treated me to some BBQ ribs, and then we set out for home. It was so much fun that I’m still laughing about it, and will be giving mom a hard time about, “What are you doing here?” for a looooong time to come.

The surprise continued into yesterday as I showed up unannounced for Thanksgiving at lunch for Dad’s side of the family and supper for Mom’s. We’ve worked hard to keep me a secret this week.

So now with all this surprising out of the way, I hope you will forgive me for my silence this past week, but I can now happily announce…

I’M HOME!!!!!

I plan to be in the States until January 10th. I hope to connect with all my family and friends during the coming weeks and I’m also free to speak since I am also here support raising for 2012.

Or maybe I’ll just show up unannounced there too…. you never really can tell!

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