Fire, Borrowed Balloons and Elvish Fun: A Look Back at November 16th

There is a magnet on my fridge that says, “God didn’t make me a morning person, but he did make great coffee.” It was a gift from a wise friend and it basically sums up exactly what I think about those before noon hours.

However on this morning around 9 a.m. my ears registered a faint knock at the door. I, in turn, retreated further into the comfort of my sleeping bag. Soon I found that warmth being stolen as my roommates jumped on my pull out bed with birthday presents in one hand and a plate of chocolate boasting a lit candle in the other hand.

“Don’t they know I’m dangerous enough in the mornings without fire?” I thought as I groaned and tried to look displeased.

There was dancing and singing and laughing that greeted me and I could help but smile and admit that I enjoyed it. And so it was that I awoke to my third decade of life.

After breakfast with my roommates and much debate over my wardrobe (I’m 30 now, I’m supposed to be an adult… or something like that), I headed out to pick up our speaker for English club. When I made it to club, everyone stood up and sang to me. A few of the students  told me how much they appreciate me and how blessed they are to know me. There were “borrowed” balloons, some gourmet instant coffee, a stuffed animal, some roses and a couple of angels (because I’m “such an angel”).

This was followed by an Elf themed birthday party at the home of my pastors. The Pierquet family went all out to make the evening special and it was. I was honestly surprised at how many people showed up on a week night. There were paper snowflakes, a table filled with candy and syrups, and spaghetti.

Yes, I did eat spaghetti with maple syrup and a load of other candy on top. No, I don’t plan to ever do it again. And, of course, we watched the movie right after I blew out the candles on a batch of Cotton Headed Ninny Muffins.

Finally around midnight I stumbled back into my flat exhausted but thankful. I expected thirty to come with a tearful goodbye to my twenties and at least a few tears shed over my single status, instead it was filled with laughter, a sense of belonging, and a knowing that I’m just where I’m supposed to be.

**Sorry there are no photos, I promise there will be at some point!!