Christmas Makes You Do Crazy Things

Crazy things happen at Christmas.

It is Friday afternoon and so far the day has been a non-stop blur from the moment my eyes first tried to blink away this morning’s sunlight filtering through burgundy curtains.

I love Christmas at the Harper home. It is filled with family and friends. . . right after the cleaning and chaos.

There are floors to be vacuumed, dusting to be done, and food to prepare. The handsomest six month old you have ever seen is sleeping in his crib and we want to make sure he remains asleep.

Tables are piled high with the day to day knick knacks of life that never found their way back home and the non-shedding canine has, well, shed all over the place.

Oh and the house needs to be decorated for Christmas. Never mind that Christmas is a week away and the Harper’s leave in just a few days meaning they will not even be here for the holiday, but you cannot hold a Christmas party in this house without the decorations.

This is how I find myself hunting down a ladder and climbing atop to balance while holding wrapping paper and packing tape to wrap a window (of course!). Did I mention ladders terrify me? That’s how much I love this family, but it’s okay because my venture is uneventful and even successful.

In the process of trying to decorate and clean, the Harper’s youngest daughter takes off with friends to plan a Сhristmas surprise. It is sweet, but it is also really bad timing or proof that the youngest always gets away with things.
Baking cookies
So I have actually tried the whole cooking thing a few times this year, but doing it one handed was just a new experience.

The party is in a few hours. The house is still a wreck. The cooking isn’t finished. Cathy’s cell phone is messed up and the house phone keeps ringing and ringing and ringing. There are some essentials that have to be picked up at the store to finish the cooking. And the baby wakes up.

I have an option, and in some moment of insanity I take the one most unlike me. Cathy heads off to Bi-Lo for sugar, almonds and whatever else is on that never ending list.

The baby gets tired of watching me from his seat and wants to be held. So I find myself in the kitchen holding a six month old in one arm and mixing together ingredients for Cherry Delight with the other.

After fifteen or twenty minutes Cathy returns. I’m pretty sure the topping is turning out lumpy instead of smooth because I can’t stir fast enough without the other hand holding the bowl. I pass off the baby and continue trying to smooth out this mixture. I think to myself that I should have kept the baby and passed off the bowl or so I think until he needs changing about five minutes later.

Nothing happened that should forever ban me from a kitchen or deny me future motherhood, but maybe that’s why it is so crazy and surprising to me.

For most people this afternoon’s scenario is just normal life, but I have spent a lot of energy over the years avoiding all things baby and all things kitchen.However, crazy things happen at Christmas and I must say that I kind of enjoyed the crazy moment and the flash forward to my own possible future (if I ever find a husband that is…).