The Christmas War

Sinking into a darkened corner I quickly try to quietly reload. I know they are after me.

One is just around the corner at the far end of the front room and I hear another approaching from my left.

My best efforts aren’t good enough and a bullet whistles by my head just as I push in the clip to my own gun.

That was a close call.

Now that I’m armed I take off in pursuit of my enemies.

I think I am about to gain the upper hand, but there is a surprise attack and my tingling eye socket reveals that I’ve been hit.

I fire off without aiming but successfully catch an opponent from behind turning  just in time to also clip my best friend in the stomach. Ooops.

Thankfully it’s a foam dart and not only will she forgive me, but she’ll make me pay with another bullet in return.

It’s the annual Nerf gun fight or what was once an every Christmas fight. Now it just happens whenever we are all actually in the same town at the same time.

After half an hour or so of our war, we all sit huffing and puffing like old folks in the living room. We laugh and reminisce until someone playfully shoots a dart and the war begins anew.

This is a war worth fighting.

Nerf War
True Friendship

P.S. Watch out girls… I already have my eye on the next gun in my arsenal. Muahahahaha!