No Salad Before Bed and Other 2012 Resolutions

New Year’s Day.

The day when people all over the world begin mis-writing the date again. How many times will you sign something as 2011 in the next coming week?

It’s also the day that kicks off a new year with renewed hopes and the ever dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.

I do good if I stick with something for more than a week honestly, so resolutions are basically a waste of breath for me. Still I find that over and over I try.

Sometimes I cheat.

Like 2012 Resolution #1: No more salads before bed.

I’m pretty certain I can keep this resolution. If you are wondering how this came about it’s basically because I ate salad before bedtime a few nights ago and dreamed that Danny Devito and Morgan Freeman were attempting to take over the world and I was their Administrative Assistant. I think it is safe to say I don’t need anymore salads before bedtime, though given my history of vivid, nonsensical dreams I’m not actually certain it was the salad.

Resolution #2 is also pretty much a given since I am planning to return to Ukraine: Lose weight.

Now before you turn and give “hmph” at another skinny girl wanting to lose weight, I want to just throw in that between Thanksgiving and Christmas I have successfully managed to not fit into the pants that came with me from Ukraine. I’ve enjoyed the food here a bit too much and it is time to get back to the smaller portions and exercise I’ve grown accustomed to in Ukraine.

All the other resolutions for the year are going to require more commitment:

#3: Read through the Bible in a year.

As if in answer to prayer, my church in Kyiv sent out a link to the Bible in a year program called OWNit365 that we are doing as a church. So maybe this year I’ll have some accountability and will actually not get lost in Leviticus and quit.

“The Whole Bible plan is a 6-day-a-week journey through the entire Bible with two readings per day. The acronym “OWN” represents one daily reading from the Old Testament, along with one from the Wisdom Books or New Testament,” according to the web site and for all you technology lovers you can get apps for your smart phone or get it emailed to you daily so you can track your progress.

#4: My biggest goal for the year  is FOCUS.

I am terrible at focusing  and everything that goes with it. I plan to see less of Facebook, email, and social media in general and more of the important things this year. I want to pay more attention to those that prayerfully and sacrificially support me. I hope to work more on dreams and what God has created me for than on making others happy and just doing things because there is a need (because there are ALWAYS needs and sometimes you do more service by saying “No” than exhausting yourself).

So when I really look ahead at 2012 I’m excited for the opportunity to become more of the person God has created me to be and I think my “resolutions” this year may be the most sensible ones I’ve ever set.

What excites you about 2012? What are your goals for the year ahead?

Do you think it was the salad or should I be concerned that Morgan Freeman and Danny Devito are, in fact, plotting a take over?


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